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5U Jamboree

Soccer is for people of all ages – even the little ones!  With this in mind, AYSO created a 5U Jamboree program four-year-olds. In Jamboree, children get to play soccer in an age-specific program, and you, the parents, get to participate with them. The children learn soccer skills like kicking, dribbling, and throwing in the ball, but in a low-pressure setting.  Jamboree is about exposing children to soccer, not grooming them for college scholarships. 

All 5U activities are held at Frank Hren Discovery Park.

Day & Time
All 5U activities are held on Saturdays during the fall and spring seasons.

Player Equipment

Be sure and bring the following to each session

  • Uniform jersey, shorts and socks (a uniform set will be distributed to all players on the first Saturday session)
  • Shoes and shinguards, covered by the socks are mandatory at all practice and game activities. Soccer shoes or sneakers are recommended. Baseball shoes with a toe cleat are not permitted.  The type and condition of cleated shoes must be inspected for safety before each session.
  • Size 3 ball
  • Water bottle
Parent Participation
Parents are encouraged to participate and help with such things as running drills, supervising a 4 vs 4 game, and other activities to help the players to understand the basics of soccer. While their children are playing, parent volunteers keep time, but interfere with play as little as possible. There are only a few reasons to stop play in Jamboree games. If a child is not playing well with others, or if play must pause for injury, substitution, or confusion, parents can quickly direct attention back to the game.  All other parents should be encouraged to cheer positively and refrain from "coaching" (giving directions) from the sideline.

The Details - U5 Jamboree 
Jamboree One with One is the combination of two different formats that, put together, will provide the best possible introduction to soccer for our youngest players. In AYSO soccer, a jamboree means that teams are formed on a weekly basis depending on how many players attend a given session. One with one refers to the concept that each player will have a parent (or other adult) working with them on the field. 

A "Master Coach" will lead each session. The "master coach" will introduce a game/activity that will practice a certain skill or part of the game using explanation and demonstration. Each pair (player/parent) will then attempt the activity while the master coach circulates between pairs providing specific help or suggestions so that the activities are performed as intended. After a suitable amount of time, the "master coach" will bring the players and parents back together as a group and recap what they have done, introducing the next game/activity.
Master Coach
The master coach is, a a minimum, certified as an AYSO Advanced Coach and Advanced Coach Instructor. The master coach is "in charge" at the field! He/she will introduce and demonstrate each game/activity, then circulate to help the parents as they help the kids, providing all with a positive learning experience.

Typical Sessions include the following Activities
  • 10 minutes - Group Warm-Up and Activities
  • 20 minutes - Training Activities and Game
  • (2) 5 minutes - Water Break
  • 20 minutes - 4 vs 4 Game (played in two halves of 10 minutes each with a short break at the quarter to make substitutions and get a quick drink)
Each Jamboree One with One session will include a 20 minute short-sided game (4 v 4).  Based on how many players arrive, pinnies (different colored "vests") to differentiate the "teams" for games for a particular weekend will be used. During the game, goals are not counted to determine who wins - every player is a winner. The two goals of the program are to allow the players to enjoy the activities and to let the game be the teacher.  

Young players need to get a feel for the ball and the field, so even though there are adults all around and many opportunities to offer instruction, the emphasis is on fun and play. It’s a different kind of game in U-5, but the children still wear jerseys or pinnies, cleats and shin guards. Best of all, they find out that soccer is something they can do. 

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